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Selling your time share through Island Consulting Realty couldn't be easier. First, you need to know that you will incur no cost what-so-ever to list your time share with us. There are no listing fees, no advertising fees, and no phony "appraisal" fees. We handle all the paperwork for you. When you're ready, we have THREE different methods to choose from, depending on how fast you want to sell your time share:

1. Our most popular method will price your time share at the highest and best value to get you the maximum amount possible for your time share. Click here for that time share listing agreement.

2. Our more aggressive approach puts your time share in front of the bargain hunters, and there are many of them out there. It will stand out as an outstanding bargain and we'll help you out by also lowering our commission. Instead of holding out for the highest and best price, the time share will be priced at $99 to attract a LOT of potential buyers. This is not an approach that is for everyone, but it's a method we've tested and found to be a success. In this instance we cut our commission from $1500 to $800 to help you. Since the time share is being sold for $99, however, this means at the time of closing (not before) you are contributing the other $701 to pay our commission. Call or email us with any questions. Click here for that time share listing agreement.

3. Our MOST aggressive approach guarantees you a sale, TODAY. Again, this is not for everyone but it gets the job done immediately. Click here for details on immediate timeshare sales.

How do we go about selling your time share? Island Consulting uses every means possible to get your time share SOLD. In addition to our very popular web site, we also do print advertising and keep tickler files for folks looking for time shares like yours. Our popular monthly newsletter keeps our name in front of time share buyers and we also multiple-list our time share listings with other brokers who meet our standards of ethics. We have multiple web sites for maximum exposure and for pointing the search engines to our main site. This gives you the maximum exposure possible. Plus, all of our sales come with our exclusive one year Satisfaction Guarantee. For the buyer, this one year guarantee gives them the extra confidence they need to go forward. Knowing they are dealing with a reputable company whom will stand behind what they sell means the difference between buying from us, or buying from a competitor. For the seller, this extra guarantee comes at no extra cost to you. You are under no obligation what-so-ever. All the above methods mean the difference between success in selling your time share, and wondering why you still own it a year later!

The logistics of selling your time share are simple. Fill out the form and send it in. We'll contact you shortly thereafter to confirm your agreement. When we have a contract for your time share, we'll collect a deposit from the purchaser which will be put into escrow (a special, safe, bank account that is not to be touched or used for any other purpose). We'll forward the contract to you for your signature. When we receive it back from you, the paperwork will be handled by the company or title office handling the closing. This company will collect the balance due, ensure that title has transferred properly, and send you a check.

In determining a price for your time share, keep in mind that you have plenty of competition. As a rule of thumb, whatever the resorts are selling their timeshares for, the resale market has them for much, much less. Don't make the mistake of pricing your time share higher than you'll actually take. With lots to choose from already on the market, you'll lose out on many potential sales. See our list of timeshares for sale to get a feel for the market. If you need more advice, or need some help, feel free to call us anytime at 800-809-6020.

Unsolicited Testimonials from our customers(used with their permission)

"We received the check in the mail today. A big thanks to you and your staff for the excellent job done in selling our time share for us. It was a great pleasure working with you and your staff. We would definitely keep you in mind if any of our friends or family would ever want to buy or sell a timeshare. You wouldn't believe how relieved we are just to have gotten rid of this unit".

"Received the check for the sale of the Cayman Island timeshare & just wanted to thank you for handling the sale of this property. Everything went through just as you predicted. Would recommend your company to anyone who wanted to buy or sell. Everything was handled very professional. Thank you."

""We would like to thank you for your efficiency and the professionalism on the way you settled that sale. Should we have friends who wish to sell or buy a time share, it will be with confidence that we will recommend you. With our best regards, "

"...have received the check and thank you!!! you did a marvelous job and will recommend you to anyone who wants to sell their timeshare...thank you again".

""We received your letter, sellers statement and the cheque in the mail today. We wish to thank you and your sales team for the speedy sale of our timeshare. I did recommend your office to my brother and his wife from Nelson British Columbia and you also completed a sale for them. Thank you. I have recommended your office to other friends here in Canada and hope they call and give you a chance to sell their property. Again Dana and I wish to thank you for your service."

"Thank you for all that you did to find the right buyer of our time share. We couldn't be happier with the sale and the joy that has been given to another family".

"I want to take a moment to express my most sincere thanks and complete satisfaction to you and all your staff for the way you handled the sale of my timeshare. Everything was so very professionally done, very organized and efficient. Everyone I spoke with was very pleasant and proficient. I must say that it was certainly a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you for your integrity".

"Please use my comments. I know that you are aware that most of the people in your business are looking to get several hundred dollars up front. You never hear from them again. Your service is pretty realistic, honest, and you have not misrepresented your service in any way. That is the way it should be. Thanks again."

"I just wanted to THANK YOU so much for selling my timeshare so quickly. We are extremely happy with the turn around & I would definitely hold on to your information for future use and/or referrals".

"Thank you for your excellent service. About two or three years ago we decided that we would like to sell our timeshare and move on to some different kinds of vacationing.  Until we happened on Island Consulting Realty, we encountered all sorts of "artists", many who were demanding up-front money before providing any service. Of course, we felt very uncomfortable at the prospect of entering into business relationships with any of these "artists" so we were very relieved to do business with you the old-fashioned way! Thanks again, Tom. We will be pleased to recommend your service at any time."

"We just received the final paperwork for the closing of our timeshare, and we could not be more pleased. Your customer service, professionalism, and of course, your results, were very much appreciated. Thank you for all of your assistance throughout the sales process. We would be pleased to recommend you to anyone interested in selling their timeshare".

"I received from Timeshare Title a copy of the closing letter and reimbursement of the maintenance fees just as you had promised. It's actually a relief to have the timeshare agreement finalized. I personally can't thank you enough for being upfront with ourselves. Had I not come upon your website, I guess in all honesty, we probably would have been another statistic added to the growing list of people being rooked by these "so-called" timeshare outlets wanting dollars up-front and promising bit returns, only to being taken advantage of our dollars worth. Thank you for your honesty and a job well-done."

"Thank you for your letter and checque in settlement of the sale of PHC time share. I take this opportunity to thank you and all your team for the excellent work carried out and will certainly use your firm in the future if we have anything similar to buy/sell and I will also recommend you to friends. Again thanks for your help."

"I finally received the timeshare check over the weekend for my timeshare sale at Wailoloa. I wanted to drop you an email to extend my sincere Thanks for getting this sale done. I hope I wasn't to much of a pain in all the inquiries. You were always very honest and so extremely helpful in the sale process. I will certainly recommend your service and company to anyone I know either seeking a timeshare or selling one. Again Thank You so much, and my warmest regards."

"We recently spent the Christmas Holidays with family in Sarasota and while there, Island Consulting Realty came to mind. We are forever grateful with your ethical and successful efforts to sell our timeshare. Thank you, again. We highly recommend your firm to others whenever possible."

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