Time To Face Reality

The other day I took a call from someone who wanted to sell their time share. We spent some time on the phone discussing the market conditions, our fees and the value of his time share. He mentioned to me that he has had his time share for sale with a company based in Orlando for about three years. He then gave me the name of the company and told me he keeps calling them to lower the price but nothing happens. As soon as he gave me the name of the company I knew he had not yet figured out that he had been scammed three years ago. I asked him how much money he’d given them up-front. He told me $495 and asked how I knew he’d paid up-front.

     If you’re putting yourself into this guy’s shoes, you need to read on. There are so many folks out there that have given money up-front to “resale companies” and they’re still believing that something is going to happen. Give it up. Up-front fee companies are not in business to sell time shares. They’re in business to take your money. And they do a pretty good job of convincing people to hand over their money. Promises of sky-high prices is the normal forte.
     So my advice to you is the same as I gave this person on the phone. Go to www.myfloridalegal.com This is the web site for the Florida Attorney General. If the company who took your money is based in Florida, file a complaint. Secondly, file a complaint with the Attorney General in the state in which you live. Thirdly, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (www.ftc.gov) if you live in one state and the perpetrators are in another. The FTC is taking a very active role in trying to shut down these companies.
     Why bother to file a complaint? Many of these companies are under investigation. For the current list under investigation by the Florida Attorney General, go to: http://myfloridalegal.com/lit_ec.nsf/timeshares
Note that these companies are under investigation, not convicted of any crime. Also note that there are MANY companies out there who deserve to be on the list, but are not as yet. If a company is found to have committed fraud or deceived the public you want to be on the list of people who were one of the victims. You may find that you are in line for a refund.
You’re welcome!

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