Royal Holiday Vacation Club Cancellation Policy and Instructions

The main aim of most timeshare management firms is to maximize profit, including Royal Holiday Club. A timeshare is a vacation property that’s owned jointly. Royal Holiday Club offers timeshare services, such as cash credit, group tours, vacation protection, cruise tours, and camping services. These activities are suitable for strengthening the bond between colleagues, family members, and friends. Members of the Royal Holiday Club can access hundreds of resorts worldwide. Most of these resorts are in Mexico, the United States, and the Caribbean.


The Royal Holiday Club doesn’t have a good reputation as a timeshare management firm. The company optimizes sales via high-pressure tactics. These unethical techniques make members think that they are being scammed. A verbal promise is the main scam that most timeshare management companies use to manipulate their members. For instance, the Royal Holiday Club may lie to its members to purchase a timeshare that can enable them to travel anywhere. The customer service, maintenance fee, and lack of visits to other locations may lead to contract termination.


1. Give Away your Timeshare

Giving away your timeshare may seem like a straightforward process, but that isn’t the case. Based on research, this is the riskiest way to cancel your timeshare. You’ll invest most of your time looking for a friend, colleague, or family member who may be willing to accept your timeshare. Most timeshare management companies will hold you accountable in case of defaults, including failure to settle club dues and timeshare maintenance fees. Using the wrong channel to cancel your timeshare may lead to long-term legal consequences. Therefore, you should ensure you transfer your timeshare to someone with a good reputation.

2. Hire a Timeshare Exit Company

Looking for the right timeshare exit company can be a puzzling experience. There are numerous factors that you should consider, including years of experience, credibility, customer service, licensing, and affordability. Most companies will offer you help, but some will be looking forward to scamming you. Therefore, it’s important to research a company before investing in it. A reputable company will offer a written quote. It’s not a good idea to set up physical meetings with a firm with no online presence. You can check online reviews and ratings to ascertain whether a timeshare management company is legitimate.

3. Sell Your Royal Holiday Timeshare

Selling your Royal Holiday Timeshare is the best option to get rid of it. Therefore, you should explore the available options for selling timeshares. Royal Holiday Club offers a single option of selling timeshares that are available for paid-off timeshares. There are various aspects that you should evaluate before opting for this strategy. These factors include the timeshare transfer cost, duration, location, and points. It’s important to seek professional help before coming to a conclusion.

Finding someone with in-depth knowledge about timeshares can be overwhelming, but it’s worth the hassle. Some professionals might charge you a lot of money; therefore, ensure you do your due diligence. Most timeshare resale firms will charge a prepaid marketing fee. The demand for timeshares is low because people think that they’re a scam. It’s important to maintain the timeshare as the resale company is looking for an ideal buyer. Selling a timeshare will consume time, depending on the reputation of the company.

4. Work Directly with Royal Holiday Club

Most people may think this is the best strategy for getting rid of a timeshare. However, it’s the worst approach when you’re dealing with the Royal Holiday Club. The main objective of this firm is to maximize profit at the expense of its members. If the Royal Holiday Club accepts your offer, it will be liable for taxes, club dues, and maintenance costs. Most firms will lure their members into retaining the timeshare and getting more points or weeks. Below are key tips that will help you cancel your timeshare with the Royal Holiday Club directly:

– Stick to the facts

– Opt for written communication and quote

– Know what you want

– Don’t consider their first offer

– Don’t accept responsibility or admit fault

Trying to work things might consume time. Therefore, you need great negotiation skills to succeed. The main aim of the Royal Holiday Club is to sell timeshares – not to accept timeshare cancel orders.

5. Avoid Timeshare Resale Scams

Canceling a timeshare isn’t an easy task, given the current rate of scams. Therefore, if you’re opting to hire professionals to act on your behalf, take your time to research them. There are various timeshare exit companies that offer top-notch services. On the other hand, some timeshare resale companies aren’t real.


What Happens if the Recession Period has Expired?

Timeshare management companies, including Royal Holiday Club, offer a recession period. It’s pretty easy to cancel your timeshare during the recession period. You’ll find more details on the recession period in the contract. In most cases, the recession period ranges between ten days to fifteen days. One of the biggest mistakes timeshare owners will make is to terminate the contract post-recession period. In this case, the cancellation process can be an issue, but it’s possible. There are ways to get rid of a timeshare. For instance, you can rent, donate, or sell the timeshare.

Can Anyone Cancel their Royal Holiday Timeshare?

Yes, there are various ways to cancel your timeshare, depending on your needs. Choose a way that fits your situation and protect your credit.

How Long Will it Take to Sell Timeshare?

The time frame of selling timeshares depends on the demand. In addition, the type of timeshare can influence the market for timeshares. To sell a timeshare within the shortest time as possible, invest in a reputable timeshare resale company.


The time to cancel your Royal Holiday timeshare depends on your situation. It may take you a few months or two years to get rid of the timeshare. Follow the above-listed instructions and policies to cancel your timeshare. It’s important to research a timeshare resale company before investing in it. Some of the aspects that you should consider include professionalism, experience, budget, and reputation.