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Your Time Share Is SOLD, Today!

This method of selling your time share is NOT for everyone. We do not encourage you to take this approach unless you really, really want your time share sold--TODAY.

Across the nation in the past few years have sprung up "Post Card" companies. So named because they send out to time share owners oversized post cards claiming they will be in your area and want to purchase your time share. They tell you to bring your deed with you and they are prepared to make you an offer that day. When you arrive at the hotel they give you a 45 minute lecture about how stupid you were to ever have bought a time share and that you will never be able to get rid of it. Your children will inherit the time share and hate you forever. BUT, they have a solution. Pay them $3500 to $4500 dollars and they will take your time share from you. It is DISHONEST and misleading in their approach. But, they also do serve a need for some people.

What we've never liked about this approach is the cost and the fact that they have to mislead people to get them to come to the "seminar". But again, for some time share owners it is a proposition worthwhile. We have experimented with an more honest approach for over a year and have finally come up with a formula that makes sense for everyone concerned. So here's how this works:

We will buy your time share from you in a "reverse equity" sale. What this means is that you are paying us to take your time share from you, but at a reasonable cost. It is an actual sale that begins when you sign the contract. Normally, when we sell a time share for a customer, we charge a commission of $1500. That amount is what it will cost you to have your time share sold today. Closing costs are paid by the seller. Again, we DO NOT recommend this approach for everyone and our company also reserves the right to reject certain properties.

Time share sales are a VERY competitive market. There are hundreds of thousands of time shares for sale right now and many folks are willing to sell them for nothing just to get out of the maintenance fees. Problem is, for some time shares, you can't even give them away. We offer three different methods of helping you get rid of your time share, once and for all. With 24 years experience, we're the ONLY time share real estate brokerage to give our customers the option to choose which method makes sense to them. We're here to help you out of your time share. Feel free to call us with any questions and for details about the above offer.

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