Timeshare Help Source: Is It Legit and What Are The Best Options?

The same question is probably running through your mind right now. Timeshare Help Source, is it legit and what are the best options? Time-sharing is a great way and the most cost-effective way to own real estate. If you can’t afford a whole vacation property such as condominiums, resorts, and apartments, you can just timeshare and own them but pay less. Timesharing is when you buy the right to occupy real estate for a specified amount of time. It can be for over a week annually or for over a year which is one time only. You share the property with other buyers but you are entitled to enjoy the property for a given period, you alone. This method is a great way to own a vacation property with less money. However, things don’t go as you plan and you might want to leave the contract in the future. In this case, you hire a timeshare exit company. This is where Timeshare Help Source comes into the picture. Is this company legit and what are your best options here? Come and let’s dive into the topic.

What is Timeshare Help Source

Timeshare Help Source is a company that offers legal assistance when you want to cancel your timesharing contract. Anything can happen in the future and you might want to cancel your ownership of real estate via timesharing. This can be the case if you suddenly found out that the offer was a scam or was not worth the investment. Although you had a contract when buying a timeshare property, it can be canceled in the middle of the contract. You just need to hire a reputable lawyer or a timeshare exit company to do it for you. Timeshare Help Source is one of them. This company is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Their office is open Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. Their office is visible on Google Maps so you can just search for their location and drive there. Their phone number is available on their business listing. If you want you can just call them there. Timeless Help Source is an LLC company owned privately by CEO Charles Hearn. This company has a low rating on different platforms like Google, Yelp, and Better Business Bureau.

What is Timeshare Help Source?

Timeshare Help Source Website

Timeshare Help Source owns a website, however, at the moment, it can’t be searched on Google. If a company is reputable, a website should be easily accessible at all times. Their website is easy to navigate according to some users. They have a well-designed website that consists of a Homepage, Service Page, and Contact Page. It is designed for you to better grasp what they do and they did not fail to do that. There are also links on their social media accounts. This social media presence is one thing that you’ll love about them. These social media accounts will give you honest reviews of their service. It’s also an indication that they take their job seriously. The company started in 2018 and is still active, however, the business is near its doom with a lot of negative reviews on its site. The website is just the front and you have no idea what kind of service they truly offer. A lot of businesses do this. They only speak the best online and not in reality.

Timeshare Help Source Review

There are a lot of reviews available for Timeshare Help Source. When you look at them, you see that most are negative ones. This is because Timeshare Help Source failed to deliver the services that they promised. First of all, Timeshare Help Source does not explicitly say their cost and how much they charge. With this, you won’t be able to know how much you can expect to pay them. This is a major turn-off because why the need to hide the price. Timeshare Help Source earns a 2 at Better Business Bureau. They earn 3 stars on Google and Yelp. Most negative reviews concentrate on poor service. They did not live up to what they promised their clients. Some reviews even mention them suddenly just missing in action in the middle of their service. The many negative reviews prompt the Better Business Bureau to investigate the legitimacy of the Timeshare Help Source. They investigated so people would know if this company is to be trusted. Better Business Bureau has a great reputation and is a credible one. They found out that they have poor customer service and they fail to deliver what they promise. Clients also mention that the company continuously contacts them even after neglecting their offer. They engage in false advertising and force their clients to get assistance from them. Timeshare Help Source is a legit timeshare exit company, however, it provides poor customer service.

Should You Trust Timeshare Help Source

Does Timeshare Help Source has a great reputation? You can see from the reviews online that this company looks suspicious. Negative comments just don’t appear for no reason. This company is not worth the risk and you’d end up with even more troubles when you engage with them. When dealing with timesharing, you might want to consider other companies out there. This is not the best one so don’t even bother to contact them. This is a serious case since it involves legal laws. You don’t want to entrust your reputation to a company with a poor track record. You also get poor customer service that only works to their advantage. Better Business Bureau is a reputable website. Timeshare Help Source should first work on clearing their name on BBB. Until then, it will remain a poor timeshare exit company.

Alternatives to Timeshare Help Source

There are tons of alternatives to the Timeshare Help Source. Don’t worry about your location, as some of them have a wider scope or serve nationwide. You can contact them via phone or email. They also have a stunning website. When looking for a timeshare exit company always look for their reviews and reputation. What other options do you have you may ask. First, you have Timeshare Specialists based in Montana. They even offer free consultations. This is an indication that they are not a company that prioritizes money and fees. They prioritize helping you. Other companies like Newton Group Transfer, EZ Exit Now, and Seaside Consultant Groups are also here to help you exit your timesharing.